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In June of 2017 I launched a Kickstarter to fundraise a new computer for my home illustration office - in return, backers would get a set of two high-quality enamel pins, plus a postcard print. The Kickstarter was fully funded and I hope to do more in the future.

With the help of 105 people, I raised $1,956, $156 more than it's goal. I am delighted by this outcome and couldn't have asked for better support and kindness from all of the people who helped share, and pledged their money to this cool cause. 



"Under The Surface" - Photoshop, 2017

Everyone has a world inside of them that is unique and hidden away. Glimpses of that inner view are magical and to be treasured by all who get to see them. I wanted to bring that idea to life in this illustration.

"Artists created work exploring the concepts of blending in, assimilating, and adapting to their surroundings. Whatever the reason, we're constantly in hiding in one way or another. The art of camouflage spans the political, aesthetic, scientific, magical, psychological and social realms." View on LGAL here. Check out the process below!



Goosey is a project I have been working on in my free time for the better part of five months. It's about Lucie, a restless and bouncy young gosling, who finds herself in the path of a wizard. One minute, a wistful goose, then next, a little girl off on adventures. She and her cousin travel around the Woobly Woods, meeting new people, collecting new artifacts for their new friend Old Man Wizard, and having a lot of fun. Goosey is still in progress, but it's been a really amazing learning tool so far.

Look for more Goosey content on my twitter, and on my instagram.



Rachel contacted me earlier in the year looking for an illustrator to bring her characters and settings to life. I was happy to join on, and enjoyed creating a final cover for her novel, The Hawthorn Crown. The story is set in Arthurian times, and features a thrilling and romantic tale about family, life, and love. 

She asked me to create portraits of two of the main characters, as well as social media headers, an author portrait, and several small sketches. This was a delightful project, and I hope to continue to work on it as she continues her writing.



I attempted one of those #100days things just for fun, but I had too many other things on my plate to focus on it for very long. My hope was for line-less pieces that helped me learn about composition and staging. I learned a lot, and although I didn't achieve my goal, I was able to make some really fun pieces.